Trading Signals For Hurst Cycles Traders

Cycle-after-Cycle make better trading decisions for any market: Forex, Indices, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Options, ETFs, etc.

  • Hurst Signals is an online web service for popular markets

  • The service includes online Charts and a Daily Email about Trading Opportunities

  • Read all about Hurst Signals at our sister website Sentient Trader

Hurst Signals - EURUSD 3 Months View
Hurst Signals 3 Month View shows the categories of trades (A to H) for the FLD Trading Strategy, plus the 20 Day FLD (purple line) and current / upcoming Trading Opportunity.
Hurst Signals - Crude Oil 6 Weeks View
Hurst Signals 6 Week View gives you more detail for the FLD Trading Opportunity. You would use this chart if you were planning to enter a trade on the 10 Day FLD (pink line).
Hurst Signals - S&P500 Overview Chart
Hurst Signals Overview Chart shows you the "big picture". It's your starting point for an overview of the markets and the Underlying Cyclic Trend that is influencing the markets.
Hurst Signals - Daily Email Trading Signals
Hurst Signals - All Trading Opportunities are shown on your Online Charts for the 3 Month and 6 Week View. In addition, a Daily Email gives you Trading Signals for the Instruments in your portfolio.
Hurst Notation, Diamond Stacks, etc
Hurst Signals gives you a full Cyclic Analysis, emulating JM Hurst's visual pattern recognition technique. Troughs are instantly identifiable by Diamond Stacks.