Commodities and More Indices Added, Plus Pre-Selected Portfolios

The range of Instruments you can trade with Hurst Signals has just got better, plus we have added Pre-Selected Portfolios to make subscribing easier and to give you better value-for-money.

Today we have added the first two Commodities to the service as well as three more Index Futures. More will follow in response to popular demand. Please keep telling us what you want to see added to the service. If the demand is there, we will do it.

The new Instruments are :-

  • Gold
  • Crude Oil (QM)
  • FTSE 100 future contract
  • DAX future contract (XG)

The full range of Instruments on offer are listed here.

Pre-Selected Portfolios

Pre-Selected Portfolios have been added to the Hurst Signals service, because many clients prefer to follow one family of products. The first three Portfolios on offer are Forex, US Indices and World Indices A.

We have also made it better value-for-money to subscribe for a Pre-Selected Portfolio, plus you can Upgrade between portfolio options at any time without any cost penalty.