Stocks & Commodities Review of Hurst Signals

Logo for Stocks & Commodities MagazineFor their April 2012 ‘Cycles Edition’, Stocks & Commodities magazine commissioned an independent review of our Hurst Signals online service.

The reviewer, Donald W Prendergast, used the service in the way we recommend. That is to say,  1) choose the time frame you want to trade in,  2) check your charts after every data update and,  3) wait for trading opportunities that meet the sensible selection criteria set out in our Golden Rules for Trading Hurst Cycles.

Mr Prendergast chose to follow the 40 Day Cycle of the S&P 500 e-mini future contract. After a week of waiting for the right set-up, his patience paid off with a “dandy of a trade”.

Follow this link to read the full review by Stocks & Commodities.